The Importance Of Video Surveillance In Schools

The Importance Of Video Surveillance In Schools

Safety is a crucial and growing concern for Norfolk parents with children of any age in school. Since the year 2013, there have been over 170 school shootings across the United States, making both parents and students wary about going to the one place they should feel safest every day. Aside from violence, theft and vandalism are even more common issues in today’s American schools, causing staff to look for ways to keep students and property safer during the school year.  

Security cameras have become a go-to solution for improving security in Norfolk schools. In an Ipsos poll, the majority of American and Canadian parents have said they feel safer knowing their children’s school is monitored by security camera. In both larger and smaller schools, video surveillance helps to effortlessly and accurately monitor all areas of a school in order to deter threats, stop them before they start, and protect both students and property.  

Security cameras are an investment in not only the school but the safety of Norfolk, VA students. Three big benefits of installing surveillance cameras in schools include:

Secure and Monitor Large Areas in Norfolk Schools

Schools are not only comprised of smaller classrooms and stairwells, but large football fields, cafeterias, auditoriums, and general grounds. Layered security systems involving surveillance cameras provides schools with the ability to keep track of these large areas in a way that human eyes cannot achieve. As hundreds or thousands of students and staff access these areas each day, the cameras pick up and record this information to be viewed in real-time or referred back to later.  

Crime Prevention and Reduction

Security cameras are a well-known crime deterrent, and this fact rings true whether they’re placed in government buildings, city squares, or your local school.  Crime is typically carried out in areas where those carrying out the actions feel they’re least likely to be caught. What surveillance cameras do is act as an all-watching eye, always ensuring there are no “secret” areas where those considering a crime can hide.  

Monitors All Visitor Activity

Video surveillance doesn’t stop at monitoring inside of the school, and it can be used to monitor both welcome and unwelcome visitor activity as well. Visitor security in American schools will usually be layered, incorporating sign-in sheets, visitor badges, and other identifiers to label and track welcome guests as such. Video surveillance can help to catch any unauthorized visitors, as well as anyone visiting school grounds after school hours.  

A Worthwhile Investment  

Video surveillance has proven to be a worthy investment in schools all across the United States. Not only do these cameras help students to feel safer while spending their day at school, but they help to protect school property at the same time. To learn more about video surveillance for Norfolk, VA schools, cities, businesses, or any building, contact  Supercircuits today to see how our security solutions can benefit you.  


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